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Robyn Understands!

 If you are anything like me, I was searching for someone who could relate to how I was feeling. I could be that person for you. I used to be 30 kgs overweight. I can coach you through your journey so you can have results like I did. I didn't take shakes or pills. I just changed my mindset and my lifestyle. 

Robyn is a Type 2 Diabetic and knows the importance and challenges of having a Healthy Lifestyle.

Robyn is a qualified Weight Management Consultant. and can also incorporate Hypnosis if required.

She can coach you to your Happy, Trim and Healthy Life.

Robyn believes that weight loss is an inside job ...not just a diet.

How Does Coaching Happen?

 Coaching for weight loss can be done 

1 on 1, face to face or via zoom.

Robyn has a 12 week on-line program "12 Weeks to a Healthy You"

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How Much Does it Cost?

Single Coaching Session $90

Special Price for Packages

12 Weeks To A Healthy You

On -Line Program

12 Weeks to Healthy You On-Line Program

$347 or $99 Deposit and then 3 monthly Payments of $99

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